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RISD Alumni Association President Meghan Reilly Michaud is a woman with a vision. As Lead Art Teacher at Andover High School in Andover, MA, she has helped to shape the town’s public school learning curriculum into a set of STEAM-inspired strategies. Andover has officially written STEAM into the system-wide strategic educational plan for 2013-2015.

“Our teachers are already using STEAM and often don’t realize it. This new approach will allow students to better grasp concepts across curriculum,” says Michaud, who has long been applying cross-disciplinary practices in her art classes.

For several years, she has partnered with the high school’s math department to teach “Geometry Through the Lens of Art,” a museum field trip in which students examine the ways that artistic perspectives and geometric concepts are inherently related. “At Andover High School, we want to give our students a full and complete education. We want them to be future ready,” Michaud says, and she believes that the integration of Art + Design into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is the way to achieve those goals.

Michaud’s passion for STEAM is not limited to Andover: as RISD Alumni Association President, she’s made the initiative the overarching theme for 2013. The Alumni Association will identify those with STEAM careers for a podcast series and develop a set of STEAM talking points for network-wide distribution: that’s 26,000 people in 90 countries, all soon to be talking about the value of integrating Art + Design across the disciplines.

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