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Blue School

art + education

After creating the wildly popular theatrical show Blue Man Group, Matt Goldman, Chris Wink and Phil Stanton began to apply their shared interests in innovation, collaboration and emotional intelligence to the world of education. Joined by Renee Rolleri, Jen Wink and Jen Stanton, they collectively founded Blue School.

Blue School’s educational model integrates a progressive approach to education that balances academic rigor and academic enchantment. Blue School students approach learning through a project-based curriculum that puts inquiry, play, art and creative thinking at its core. School founders believe that knowledge is constructed through social interaction, and children, parents and teachers are viewed as partners in the educational experience.

In a recent collaboration with architecture and design firm Rockwell Group, Blue School transformed its new permanent home at 241 Water Street into a groundbreaking building that mirrors the school’s educational philosophy. The building is a unique and malleable work of architecture with a collaborative, organic, evolving structure, able to redefine itself to suit the needs of an ever-changing future.

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