2013 World Economic Forum

January 2013

At the January 2013 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, RISD President John Maeda participated in Stem + Art = STEAM, a panel session addressing the ways Art + Design can assist Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in unleashing entrepreneurial innovation.

Hal B. Gregersen, The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Chaired Professor of Innovation and Leadership at INSEAD, moderated the discussion on the value of integrating Art + Design into the STEM subjects. “If we get science, technology, engineering and math folks into the same room with artists and designers and we have them actively do something—that is the best lubricant for the conversation.”

Stem + Art = STEAM addressed creative problem solving, the translation of complex data for broad audiences through visualization, and how to bring ideas to market through design.

Panelists included:

Carol Becker
Dean of Faculty
School of the Arts
Columbia University

Justine Cassell
Charles M. Geschke Director
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

John Maeda
Rhode Island School of Design

Tomás Saraceno
Studio Tomás Saraceno, Germany

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