NSF | RISD Workshop

January 2011

60 leaders from the fields of Art + Design, Science, Creative IT, Engineering, Mathematics and Education Research came together at RISD for the January workshop “Bridging STEM to STEAM: Developing New Frameworks for Art-Science-Design Pedagogy.” The workshop addressed innovative strategies for cross-discipline integration and new approaches to creative problem solving. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), participants examined the ways educators and policy makers can bridge the gap between art and science in a series of provocative and inspiring discussions.

RISD educators Christopher Rose and Dean Brian K. Smith devised and organized the workshop, which included a tour of the RISD Nature Lab and Museum. “It’s not about adding on arts education,” noted Margaret Honey, workshop panelist and President and CEO of the New York Hall of Science. “It’s about fundamentally changing education to incorporate the experimentation and exploration that is at the heart of effective education.”

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