RISD + CreativeMornings

June 2012

CreativeMornings, in partnership with RISD, hosted its first ever themed talk,“Arts+Tech=Magic!”— a global lecture series that focused on the intersection of technology and art, and the magic that often results.

With 32 chapters around the world, CreativeMornings takes place over coffee each month. The New York Chapter’s June 1 meeting was hosted by interactive media artist Jonathan Harris, who shared a compelling timeline of his personal evolution as an artist, and how fine art, metrics and new media have all presented him with limitations that have led to a more integrative approach to creation, one that places equal emphases on technology and content that “slowly increases in beauty.”

Additional art and technology conversation continued at RISD on June 8—CreativeMorning’s first official Pop Up Chapter. In concert with the STEAM initiative’s mission to integrate Art + Design into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, Head of RISD’s Digital+Media Department Kelly Dobson delivered a talk on the school’s campus. The artist and engineer, whose work explores the relationship between humans and machines, discussed the ways in which thoughtful, innovative design leads to machinery’s ability to improve emotional life.

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